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Act with integrity in the workplace

CityNewsPDF_KeepYourWordKeepYourJob_Dec09Integrity in the work place is imperative for a healthy working environment.

It does not matter whether you are the janitor or CEO, living with workplace integrity will make a difference not only to your long-term professional development, it will also enhance the overall company culture – it’s a ripple effect!

Workplace integrity starts with honesty, decency and trustworthiness. Following through with your word and being impeccable and honourable with your actions creates respect and professionalism.

There are many reasons as to why someone may or may not be enjoying their job or acting with integrity. Regardless, if you choose to stay in your current role you might as well lift your game and do it with integrity.

What kind of boss or employee are you? Are you setting a good example for your team, staff and colleagues? More often than not the less productive employee will find more to whinge and whine about than the industrious type.

Here are some points to get you thinking:

A clean attitude:  When we are confident and comfortable within ourselves we have next to no reason to belittle others or act with arrogance. Build your confidence and clean up your language and communication skills.

Honour your working hours:  Do not steal time from your employer. You are there to get a job done, not to surf social networks, talk to your friends and waste time.

Confidentiality:  Keep workplace secrets such as; client information, employee salaries and un-coming company changes to yourself – it’s an absolute integrity must.

Be truthful:  Managers are less likely to have confidence in you and promote you if they feel as though you are not open and truthful. Over time most lies come back to bite you! Mistakes and mishaps can be your greatest time for growth and learning.

Are you the person you want to be?  Maybe it’s time to redefine your workplace values, attitude and behavior for overall development and success.

Written by Nadine Piat-Niski –  for the CITY NEWS November 09

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