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Typically we coach our clients via skype and telephone throughout Australia and worldwide.  Our clients are located all over the globe and skype coaching has become the way of the world and is a powerful and flexible vehicle for change. We also work with clients in person, however the bulk of our Click here

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Relationship Commitment – How Committed Are You?

The big misconception in the area of love and relationships is that a lot of people think that by being married, living with someone or being in a rel


Do you believe in Magic? (The answer to love)

I arrived home yesterday to see that in 10 days there has been a remarkable change to the grass outside of my apartment building – what was most


The Apology – Do you need it?

Some years ago I broke up with a man who I very much cared about and loved… there were aspects of his character that were deal breakers for me a


2012 The Year for…

  Here we go again!  The years keep rolling by in fast succession and each year I find myself at this time of year wondering how many people wil


Relationship opportunities are all around!

Are you in a relationship because you acted on opportunity or is the relationship in alignment with your personal love and relationship VISION? In bus